What would you do and what would you look like if you were fearless? What would you do if you were ten times more courageous?

Fear robs us of hopes and dreams and living our God given purpose and identity

Fear is the confident expectation that something bad is going to happen.

Fear is faith in darkness. Being certain of what you fear. Fear is a sickness of the heart. 


I’m going to struggle, this is going to fail, my business will collapse, I’m going to be made redundant, this sickness will get me (fear of cancer) my kids will do XYZ wrong. Real or imagined.


This account contains truth that has the power to break fear, and get more courage.

They were in a storm, they have a legitimate need for security and comfort.

But the storm had got into their heart.When Storms get inside you you become tormented, deeply troubled, everything feels dark.

The storm has exposed their heart. They think He doesn’t care. He’s present but not active. They have no confidence or trust in Him.


Why are you so afraid?  Why the question? There is an alternative to being afraid.

He notices, their unbelief and it concerns Him. He doesn’t ignore or accommodate, or have sympathy towards this unbelief.

He expects more: He confronts it. He expects us to believe Him


Fear is not a weakness to be managed but a sin to be repented of.

Why are you double minded, looking in two directions. When fear and anxiety rule us at the root is a lack of faith.

He calls you to live with conscious awareness of him. We are exhorted not to feel forsaken by God.


This is a lie to be renounced. Declare war on fear!

We don’t deny the negative facts in our life, but we choose to focus on the higher reality of God’s truth.Live with an expectation/anticipation of His goodness.


Fear then becomes an irrational emotion. He meets my legitimate need for safety and security.

Faith makes you steady. Feed on the faithfulness, goodness and power of God.

His word overcomes nature. His word can speak a new reality. When He says still things change.

Ask - is my God too small. Encounter God by faith, not feelings. We believe and then experience
















Jamie Lee, 05/04/2012