There is No Sacred Secular Divide

How can I keep the water level high in my life all day? How can I live aware of Him in the busyness of life?


Firstly it’s important not to compartmentalise your life too strongly, sometimes the lines can be blurred, normal life is not necessarily a distraction from God.  Need to change the way we think about life, there is not God time, then out of God time. Life isn’t taking you away from God, rather through a mind-shift you come to understand that you can do all of life, normal life as a representative of God, you can leak the glory of God whatever you do.   


Expectation is the crucial ingredient for becoming increasingly aware of Him throughout normal life. We are alert to experience His manifest presence during corporate worship because that’s what we expect. Expectation gives us focus. But Christ is in us 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. We are always seated with Christ in Heavenly places. That is our ever constant reality. But we might only be aware of this reality during tiny portions of the week. Whatever we value, we will see more of. If we begin to value His presence as of most importance we will see and experience more of it.  

Because of our sacred secular divide mind set our immediate response to the idea of valuing His presence is to turn that into a work. A work we do not have time or capacity to walk into. His presence then feels like another thing we have to fit into our busy life. Romans 12:2 Be transformed by the renewing our your mind. The mind becomes aware of what it has been trained to see. Instead thinking of living aware of Him being a work, that is founded upon discipline, determination and gritted teeth, the biblical starting place to is to retrain our thinking. He is our ever constant companion right now, all we need is to become aware of what is already a spiritual reality, and live normal life with our spiritual eyes increasingly open. 

Jamie Lee, 29/04/2014