Generosity Part 1 

Generosity is a mindset

Q1 : “ Generosity is expressing the love of God without expectation in return. The “more than enough” that God blesses us with is not to build our own empires, but to extravagantly bless those around us. The heart of generosity brings people to God.” Bill Johnson

Q2 : “The basic message of poverty is this: There is never enough.When people live long under the influence of this message, it takes on a personal tone: There is never enough for me, because I am not worth it. The message of lack attacks us at the deepest level of our identity. Stephen K. De Silva

Giving is not just about money, it is also encouragement, time, friendships, hospitality. It is much broader than money, it is a way of seeing life through the lens of “plenty” and not through a poverty lens, seeing life through a sense of need and lack. See Q1 and Q2

A prosperous soul has an abundant mindset, it has a big view of God and His resources, someone’s win or promotion is not my loss, as Father God has plenty for me also. Read 3 John 1:1-4 

Jamie Lee, 15/12/2014