Ephesians 2:1-6 From Dead To Alive (Preach Notes) 

The gospel is not good news unless you see where you came from. We were not just in God's Doghouse, (out of favour) but scripture makes it clear we were in the morgue, we were in fact a spiritual corpse. In this condition we were completely unresponsive, indifferent, having absolutley no ability to please God.

Our previous condition was worsended by the reality that we were held captive by satan, we were by nature the 'walking dead', kidnapped, blind to God’s glory, brainwashed, Not free, living below His design, and blue-print swept along like a Jelly fish, drifting under powerful invisible influence/currents. The enemy was actively producing wounds (stabbing) and sowing lies. Ephesians also says we were active participants, living entrenched/warped/snared/corrupted in disobedient conduct. Thoughts, words, deeds. Our condition was critical, and urgent. Deserving wrath. It was like we driving with a bomb in the boot of the car.

But God helps the helpless. Our rebellion couldn’t distract His extravagant love. His love, mercy, grace, (grace is a powerful agent of transformative power) kindness broke into our state. In kindness He brought us from being Dead to Resurrection. Grace gave us a New life spiritually. We were as a gift transformed from being like a Jelly Fish to becoming a Dolphin free to swim, explore, becoming fully alive, and empowered to swim against the tide. His kindness made us Sons and daughters who now live in the royal palace. Heirs, blessed. Seated in Heavenly realms. Never again distant/separated from this  Place of Bliss/blessing. 

Citizens of heaven, ambassadors of His Kingdom. Partnership/authority. Apostolic calling to bring Heaven’s life, agents who bring heaven's freedom, priorities, solutions, resources, wisdom, healing, wholeness to Earth. He loves people more than us. Called To express His Kindness. Heaven can touch earth through us. We are the pipe between the source (Heaven) and the target (People).  

Jamie Lee, 16/03/2015