Revelation and the word (Part 2) 

Five levels of Supernatural Bible Reading

Survey Reading: Getting an overview, having a hunger to understand OT, NT, Old Covenant and New Covenant. Big picture of redemptive history. Understand the basic doctrine and how the Word deals with some pastoral issues (i.e. discouragement). This is powerful : when prophesying, we can use the Word, it is sharper than any double edged sword.

Wait and meditate: it is more than getting knowledge, you let the Word change you as something is highlighted while you are reading. Joshua 1:8 encourages us to meditate day and night. You read with Faith and expectation that is how you get fresh revelation.

One personal Word: It is the Rhema word from His mouth (Matt 4:4, John 1:1). The word comes real to you personally and specific promises, encouragement, direction become the anchor for your soul. Hope and faith are ignited, you receive strength to work through those promises even through the valley.

Resist self-defeating lies: You take the Rhema word of God in the valley of contrary circumstances and you expect the inner shift to produce a outer shift. Faith has been ignited, and then you break agreement with the lies by speaking the truth into your life. If there is any hopelessness in an area of your life, you are believing a lie. The God of Hope wants to fill you with joy -Rom 15:13. Declare the truth, believe first and your feelings will catch up.

Diligently transform your future through the Word of God: Renewing our mind will transform our future (Rom 12:2)  as we are getting hold of His promises (2 Peter 1:2-4). Like Abraham (Rom 4:14-17), you will become fully convinced and you won’t waver!


Jamie Lee, 17/02/2019