There is always a solution 

The Fathers says to you. "Joy, hope and peace is about me rubbing off on you. As you hang out with me, my nature, personality and outlook will become yours. I am rubbing off on you more and more in these days, when people look at you they are going to increasingly see more of me. (Galatians 6, Romans 8) Every situation and circumstance is an opportunity and an invitation to think like me (Rom 12, Eph 3) and thinking like me is to walk in the freedom I enjoy. The gift of grace is the invitation to walk with Holy Spirit. All Fruit grows in your life through relationship, relying, depending, knowing, closeness, just being with me in silence. As you abide you will know that there is always a solution, a way, power to overcome because of I am sufficient. 

Jamie Lee, 27/07/2015