gOODNESS of god 

Exodus 33:19 When Moses asked to see God’s glory, God declared that His goodness would pass Him by. God clearly wants to establish the fact that there is a strong link between His glory and His goodness. To behold His goodness is to behold His glory.  Sticking to a simple theology is the best way to keep the heart free from the unpleasant rock of disappointment. God is good. The devil is bad. God can use bad for good but he doesn’t want bad. The fullest revelation of His goodness is seen in the person and work of Jesus Acts 10:38. Jesus went around doing good, healing the sick setting the oppressed free. Without a growing revelation of His goodness we will naturally live full of insecurity and hopelessness. Must feed our hearts on nothing other than He is good, refuse to feed on anything that competes with the truth that God is good. When the tough stuff happens, will we still say He is good? 

Jamie Lee, 03/08/2015