Nahum 1:7. God is Good. God wants His goodness/promises to be a hiding place in tough times. He becomes our hiding place, when we are fully convinced concerning His nature and His power. RM 4:21. 

In life it is very easy to have the right doctrine but still be a mess. To have truth only operating at the level of head knowledge. God wants a revelation/faith in His goodness to cause us to take steps of obedience in response, He wants our emotions to line up with what we say we believe. James 1:22

So how can we know if we really believe He is good. The next time disappointment/setback hits become a student of your words, MATT 12:34 Listen out for pessimistic, negative, woe am I, victim words. These words tell us where our unbelief is.  Trials let us see the true colour of our faith. 

To see unbelief turn into belief, hopelessness become transformed by faith isn't about trying harder, we mustn't become one anothers word 'police'. The key to feasting on God in the midst of life is what we believe, to be transformed we need to believe differently. A transformed life starts with the mind. Rm 12:2. The renewed mind first is about who He is, God is the answer. Peace, hope, and joy develop as we get rid of false ideas/lies about His goodness. 

Feasting upon God Boils down to trust. How much we are willing to trust Him? This doesn't mean we get all introspective, and analyse our level of faith, looking inwards is rarely the answer. Rather we make it our habit to hang out with Jesus, He's the author of faith. Hebrews 12:2, 


Jamie Lee, 17/08/2015