A really fun aspect of dreaming with God is the exploration of the gifting and calling the Holy Spirit has placed in your spirit through your imagining.  When you believe He has given you a sound mind you cease to fear the dangers of deception, and instead embrace the adventure of exploring what God has hidden for you to find. Be adventurously curious to explore what God has placed within you.

Through the your sanctified imagination ask what it would look like for you to thrive and be fruitful? What would you be doing and experiencing? Through your imagination access heaven’s perspective on your life.  Imagine what that dream fulfilled would look like, imagine the freedom and life the dreams would bring. Imagine the dream from every possible angle, so it becomes more than a cognitive idea, but you feel the longing for its fulfilment on a visceral level, so that you engage with the dream from your core.  Trust yourself in this process, trust that you have the mind of Christ, it’s very difficult to lead other people to partner with you in this dreams outworking if you don’t trust yourself first.

Ask for God’s wisdom to bring what you imagine into existence. Wisdom is the craftsman that will see your dream built. Ask for His creativity, and excellence to lead you to practically outwork what you have seen. 

Jamie Lee, 17/03/2019