Culture is the ‘operating system’ of the human heart. To Dream powerfully and effectively with God the believer needs to get heaven’s culture shaping their dream life.

Culture is a way of thinking, and behaving. Culture is what sets our core values, priorities and boundaries. It is both natural, intuitive and learnt lived out behaviour that is established through both conscious and subconscious agreement.  Culture is what our ideas and beliefs look like when they are lived out. (Christian maturity is discernible by the habit of obedience John 15:14) The way to transform wider culture is through the individual believers living out at work, in their family and wider community the lived out behaviour, norms and characteristics  of God’s Kingdom. People who wake up in the same overarching culture yet live differently have the capacity to transform that dominant culture. “Social Change is a million individual acts of kindness” Mary Pipher, Reviving Ophelia, 2005.
Cultural transformation is the product of millions of acts of believers living counter culturally, resisting and redeeming the dominant ziesiest. For this to happen the priority of the church must be to equip believers to be personally responsible for getting heavens culture on their inside. Lived out behaviour is not the fruit of white knuckles and gritted teeth it is rather the result of God rubbing off on His people, (Galatians 5:22-26). It’s Gods people adjusting to Him so that they begin to think, act and ultimately imitate Him. Everything lining up with Christ. This happens through resting and trusting Him, and not through the religious treadmill that says you can never do enough to please Him, and that the breakthrough is always just out of reach. It begins by getting clothed with God’s ability Acts 1:8. So great was the disciples need for power to become witnesses that they were not to leave Jerusalem until they had it.


Jamie Lee, 28/10/2018